The Old Me

Where do I begin?

Let’s begin from the first time I remember being weighed and put on a diet. I was 3.  I was at my grandmas house with cousins and aunts when my oldest cousin decided it would be fun to weight the little fat cousin.  She weighed me and then came out and announced it to the room of adults. I remember it so clearly. When she announced that I was 75lbs (5 stone) everyone gasp. It’s like they knew I was fat, but didn’t realise how fat.  People today get their kids taken away for letting them get fat like that!!! I for one, am thankful that wasn’t common in my day.

My mom then took me to the paediatrician.  I remember them talking about how much weight I should lose. That’s all I remember of the conversation. but that was the day my sneak eating began. So by the time I was 7, I was 140lbs (10 stone). Things just got worse from there.

When I was 19, I was up to 565lbs (about 40 stone). It was then that I discovered the Size Acceptance/Fat Acceptance subculture.  I was young and had no health problems, no pains and a healthy dating life. I had no motivations what so ever to change and I was being fed the line that I was ok an HEALTHY????!!! as I was.  Though I am thankful that my life took that turn, as that is how I met my husband. Had I not been an out and proud fatty, he woulda never contacted me back in 1997.  (We married in 2007….I’m hard to impress, lol)

I decided about 4 years ago that I wanted WLS.  First I wanted the band because it felt like the safe option. The more research I did, the more I found information about what can go wrong with the band. (I’m not going to preach here, so if you want the 411 on the shit the band does…do your research and talk to people who have had it and are more than 5 years out)  Then I decided I wanted the gastric bypass as it seemed the best option for me as I was up to 640lbs (46 stone).  Then I met someone, a couple of someones who introduced me to the duodenal switch (DS).

The DS is the most serious WLS of them all. And you have to be very dedicated to taking vitamins and supplements FOR LIFE! I have gone back and forth and back and forth about going through with it. It is scary! I mean people die from this shit!!!!

Well, with some fighting with my then GP, the PCT and a surgeon in Luton and Dunstable, I finally acquired NHS funding and the surgeon of my choice (Mr Ameet Patel, in London).  I had to wait 18 months for my surgery because of a blood clot in the past, but it went quick enough. Because of my super massive size, I was only able to have the sleeve gastrectomy with the plan that I would have the DS part later.

Well, it’s been just over a year (Aug 16) and I have lost over 150lbs. I look forward to having the second part of the DS and getting the hell on with it!!!!

Me at 5 years old:













Me as a little baby with chocolate on my chin!!!


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