Books I Recommend


Weight Loss Surgery

  • Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies by Al Roker, Marina S. Kurian MD, Barbara Thompson and Brian K. Davidson
  • Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies by Brian K. Davidson, David Fouts and Karen Meyers
  • Butterbabe  by Rebecca Golden
  • The Everything Post Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook: All You Need to Meet and Maintain Your Weight Loss Goals by Christine Ren Fielding and Jennifer Whitlock Heisler
  • Okay… I’ve Gone Through Weight Loss Surgery, Now What Do I Do?! by Joanne M. Moff PA-C
  • The Weight-Loss Surgery Connection by Melissa Debin-Parish
  • REAL Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery: An Indispensable Guide to What You Can REALLY Expect!! by Julie M. Janeway, Karen J. Sparks and Randal S. Baker
  • Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery: Workbook (Treatments That Work) by Robin F. Apple, James Lock and Rebecka Peebles
  • Emotional First Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery by Cynthia L. Alexander


Binge Eating Disorder

  • Overcoming Binge Eating Disorder by Christopher G. Fairburn
  • Overcoming Overeating: Conquer Your Obsession With Food: Conquer Your Obsession with Food Forever by Jane Hirschmann & Carol Munter
  • Women Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything by Geneen Roth
  • Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e): Survival Kit for Sufferers of Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorders by Ulrike Schmidt and Janet Treasure
  • Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa and Binge-Eating by Prof Peter Cooper


  • Bipolar for Dummies by Candida Fink M.D. and Joe KraynakBipolar
  • Disorder – The Ultimate Guide by Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders
  • The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know by David J. Miklowitz
  • Living with Bipolar: A practical guide for those with the disorder, their family and friends by Lesley Berk, Michael Berk, David Castle and Sue Lauder (a UK specific guide)
  • Take Charge of Bipolar Disorder by Julie A. Fast and John Preston

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