Tai Chi and Yoga

One of my goals this year is to blog more. More for myself so I have a record in one place instead of bits and pieces on Facebook. So yay, more postings from moi!

Since my duodenal switch in 2014, I have not been able to stand up straight. You know the gramma in Tweety in Sylvester? yeah, that’s how I am 24/7 since then. Post DS complications, immobility/bed rest and dealing with a wound did not help. Then my left hip went to shit and well, here I am, nearly 3 years later and still unable to stand up straight.  I can’t tell how much is arthritis and how much is muscular. I have mentioned it to GPs before but because I have so much going on health wise, it always gets pushed back.

I have learned to deal with having a hunched over back, mostly, until last weekend when I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my legs down when hubz did a cute, romantic, spontaneous thing of coming up and pushing me down for a kiss. I screamed out in pain! omg, my back does NOT go that way any more! It should! Im not even 40 yet and lying on an edge with feet dangling should not make me scream bloody murder. I this caused me to think…a lot, about what *I* could do to try to improve this.

My first thought was YOGA!!! Yoga is good for stretching, right? So I turned on YouTube via apple TV and watched Yoga videos. Holy lord.  Even with the words ‘floorless’, ‘plus size’, ‘beginners’, ‘arthritis’, or ‘disabled’….ALL OF THESE FOOLS END UP ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!  My knees are shot, especially my right knee as it took the brunt of overcompensating when my left hip went very bad very quick.

So, back to square one.  I spent 8 hours on YouTube yesterday, with determination to find SOMETHING to help me stretch my back a little bit each day and see if I can’t get some posture back.  That’s when I decided to hit up google. I google imaged yoga…and that lead to pilates…and that lead to Tai Chi.  Now the name Tai Chi conjures up 2 things in my mind, Chi Tea lol and violent martial arts. But then I YouTubed Tai Chi for beginners and found that I could do about 10 minutes of the warm up (hey! be nice, I only started yesterday!! haha). I did it again today and I swear I can feel a different when I stand and walk. In 2 days I have felt progress! yay!

Then last night I had a lightbulb moment.  I can’t get off of the floor because of my knees, how can I get around that? (I’m not one for succumbing to obstacles for too long).  KNEE PADS!!!! Why didn’t I think of this sooner!? Ah well, thanks to Amazon Prime, I now have knee pads! Spent £8 and I got builders ones with a single strap and I have some seriously chunky legs that would not fit an XL in the comfy/cool looking ones.  They work!!! I was able to get on the floor moaning in pain, as it still hurt, but I could do it and not be stranded on the floor for hours waiting for someone to rescue me. Bloody brilliant!

So, I YouTubed some of that plus size yoga from yesterday and tried it out. omg. I wish I would have recorded that shit…COMEDY GOLD!!!! I started with something easy: Plus Size Yoga Simple and this is what came up: Plus Size Yoga Simple Sun Salutations.  It was all going fairly well…and surprisingly, I can PLANK!!! Holy shit, I can plank!  Now, if you watch the video after the plank she says something like ‘lower yourself down slowly and gently’…..well…..I came down quickly with a thud and then started giggling like mad woman about how I can’t do the simplest of things. I really wish I could show the world because it was HILARIOUS, but you’d have to have been there to understand just how funny it was lol.  But the knee pads did their job, I was able to get off of the floor without shooting pains and then falling back down. I’m stoked I thought of it!

Now I have two things I can do for stretching, the Tai Chi warm up and the Plus Size Yoga up until she says lower yourself down lol, thats my exit stage cue, but hopefully a couple of weeks of those 2 things and I will notice some strength in my back that hasn’t been there for nearly 3 years. It’s not exercise as such and doesn’t make me sweat, but it feels good to focus on something physical right now as Im missing exercise and the focus and oneness I feel with my body when seeing how far, how fast and how hard it can go.

This will suffice for now. 🙂

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