Under 250 Post Apronectomy

Well, hello there big bad internet! It’s been a while….over 6 months and nothing much had changed.  I did hit a new low weight of 266, but quickly bounced up to 269 and stayed there come hell or high water.

On Aug 5th I had a repair of a huge hernia that was causing vomiting with eating that I had dealt with for over 2 years. His name was Ernie. Ernie the hernia and I hope he is rotting in the darkest, hottest of hernia hells right now.  My surgeon said yesterday whilst releasing me from hospital that ‘it REALLY was a huge hernia’. Well no shit sherlock holmes lol I’ve been telling you that for 2 bloody years! I’m not a drama queen, I just have shit luck lol.  But yeah, Ernie is GONE!!!!

I also had an apronectomy. Got rid of that dead weight skin/belly flap. Plastic surgeon said it was the biggest piece he had personally removed: 23lbs! Funny enough, that incision doesn’t really hurt at all…it’s the hernia fix that is killing me.

I have 2 incisions that meet.  Sorta like an anchor shape.  The hernia incision starts at the bottom of boobs in middle of abdomen and goes all the way down and meets the incision of the apronectomy.

Ernie was caused by the emergency surgery after I started to bleed out an hour post duodenal switch. That scar was over a foot long and horizontal. I think I posted a bit about that ordeal, but it was a deep, long open wound that took 2 days short of a year to heal completely. Then Ernie was born. Fuck him. Seriously.  That’s when my weight loss slowed right the hell down and I got sick off of everything after 2 bites or swallows. That scar is gone so they cut that section of skin off and tightened that area up…omg, it hurts to laugh, cough and sneeze. Holy moly lol.  But I have a nice abdominal binder I’ve been told to wear for 6 weeks.  I am going to wear it for 6 months. There is no way I want an Ernie v 2.0. Oh hell to the no!

So yeah, I think it is finally time for my journey to continue upward and onward!  On day of op I was 269lbs, surgeon removed 23lbs which means I should be mathematically at 246lbs. This morning I was 248lbs, that is awesome as I was told not to weigh for 2 months as I’d be extremely swollen and disappointed with the number.  I am in LOVE with that number!!! That number means I lost more weight in hospital! Super excited.

For those who do not understand WHY an apronectomy is important, here is what I posted on FB earlier:

Did you know you CANNOT get rid of fat cells? You can only empty the pockets. This is why after extreme weight loss, skin removal, such as the huge apron is necessary. It’s dead weight that cannot be lost with pockets of empty fat cells telling your body to fill them back up. This was not a vanity op. My tits, yeah, that will be vanity and private pay lol, but this was a necessary step to move forward.

Thank you all for your support. Obesity is so complex and very VERY few actually grasp the difficulty of fighting physics and biology every second of every day. I am winning my personal war.

I say my own personal war as not everyone who is large needs to be less large. Im a huge fan of live and let live, shame NO ONE, and do you…ALWAYS DO YOU! Your body belongs to no one but your own damn self.

And it is so true that no one should be telling anyone else what they can/can’t, should/shouldn’t do with their bodies.

Anyways, I shall show the goods! These pics were taken this morning after my lovely sponge bath! Date night tonight to see suicide squad and I’m afraid this is as good as it’s going to get on the beauty front for a couple of weeks lol.


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