2016, A New Year, Same Goals

Hi everyone! Hope the holidays were kind to you.  I’m surviving, barely. The hubz has been home since Dec 23rd, all day, every day.  My sleep schedule is way off and my mental health is suffering, hardcore.  If I can just make it until Monday Jan 4th, all should go back on track.  I’m so tired from not sleeping well that I’m semi-delusional.

The hubz is irking the crap out of me. We do things and think very differently. He is ADHD and does things fast and moves from thing to thing and Im all aspie and doing things at my own pace, meticulously (in my mind lol) and ugh. I just want him to go back to work. I had fantasies of us spending time together all lovey-dovey….yeah no. He worked on his research, played with the dog, went bowling, had naps. bah humbug! Go back to work lol! Don’t get me wrong, I love him and we are great together…but right now, less is more if ya get me haha.

So New Years it is. I don’t do resolutions anymore. There really isn’t much to resolve to that isn’t already a goal I am working on. I’m down to 274 now, 30lbs away from losing 400lbs. That’s just nuts! My hip has healed up nicely and my new favourite shoes are my knee high suede boots with a 1.5 in heel. I never thought I’d be able to wear heels agin but alas I can. YAY! I feel sexy as hell in them bad boys! (will post my Christmas outfit at end of post).

I really want to get active. My leg muscles are still so weak and my PT won’t release me for exercise yet, but I’m hopeful as I see him on the 4th. My plan is to utilise the cheap gym fees in Jan, but let the resolution people get it out of their system first. So the last week in Jan, if I don’t have a date for my hernia op, Im going to do it. I get up at 6am anyways, might as well sweat a bit before my shower 🙂

I’m still doing my psych degree. I’m a little behind right now due to mental health and having someone constantly wanting my attention, but hoping I can pull my head out of my butt and get my paper done that is due on the 5th. But it will have to wait as tomorrow we finally see Star Wars-The Force Awakens 🙂 I’m super duper excited!

The boys (hubz and stepson) are watching episode 6 as I type…so am I guess lol, but I can multitask.  I’m so freaking sleepy though that all I can think about it my pillow lol.

Signing off for now. Hopefully next time I update I will be in the 260’s and either have a date for my hernia op or be a paid up member of the gym 🙂

Hope 2016 is great to all of us!



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3 Responses to 2016, A New Year, Same Goals

  1. Gosh you are so amazing! You have done so much! I can’t relate to husband problem. My husband has been off work on vacation for a week and a half and I’m am ready for him to go back on Tuesday.


  2. I love him to bits but good lord he is driving me INSANE! lol I feel so out of whack having him around 24/7. So looking forward to Monday when life goes back to normal 🙂

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  3. Yes my whole life felt off having him around!


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