Reverting back…

It has been an age and a half since I posted here, or anywhere other than a specific social media site.  I have come to the conclusion that taking part in that aspect of social media kills any and all creativity because I post any thoughts I have, leaving me with nothing new to blog about or speak to my family about.  The solution is simple. Quit! I deleted one chirpy account a while ago as I just found it a profound waste of time.  The other site though I cannot delete as all of my family back in the US use it to keep in touch, so for now, I am on a social media “fast” lol.  I am still contactable via the messenger but I am refusing to use the website.  I find myself annoyed by the preaching of politics and this that or the other and the grammar. Dear god, do not get me started on the lack of grammar or I will never shut up! haha.  So here I am, 3 days into my social media fasting and ready to blog 🙂

Weight wise I am a bit stuck.  I keep waving from 346-352 back and forth! I am so close to -300 and I just can’t seem to get there!!! grrrr.  I still….STILL have a wound from my op in February though it is pretty small now.  It should be healed up by Christmas!!! Ugh.  First I was told I would be healed by summer, that came and went, then I was told October, and well…it is November now! So I have been told I will not need to see nurses after Christmas.  I seriously hope that is true!!!!  I feel like a lump on the sofa not being able to work out in the pool.  Sure, I can do little things here and there, but not a proper weight loss inducing workout 😦 boohoo.  Fingers crossed that changes very soon!

Since the last update I saw the bariatric dietician again, though it was a different one.  It was not a positive experience.  The bitch cannot read!!! Since my last appointment a month prior I had lost 4kg, but because the bitch was stupid, she said I had lost nothing. Then when I tried to correct her, she spoke over me asking how I thought I was doing!!!! ugh! total cuntrag!  So I went off the rails for a while with self hatred even though she was WRONG!!!! I received a letter a month later with a one sentence apology. Fuck her.  I am going to request to never see the illiterate bitch again! Fuck you if you read this! LEARN TO READ!!!!

But I’m not bitter lol. Not at all 😉

I have started physical therapy, which is very basic at the moment as I still cannot stand up straight and have to walk with a walking stick.  I feel so friggen cripple!!! But all is going well with that and Im a star pupil (teachers pet) with my PT.

I’m also on new pain killers. Codeine just was’t cutting it anymore so I went to a pain management guy.  He and my GP decided on the BuTrans patches for me as they are absorbed through the skin instead of the GI tract.  So far, so good.  I’m on the 20’s and staying there until the new year.  We were upping my doses every 3 days and due to the drowsiness I was sleeping my life away. I have been on the 20’s just over 2 weeks and Im starting to settle in.  The pain isn’t gone but it is manageable and I don’t feel super high like I did on codeine! It’s a win-win for me.

I also started my new module(course) for my degree. My first level 2 in the UK and my first assignment scored a First (A).  It’s a good start, just hope I can keep it up!  Study is also why I felt the need to give social media a miss.  I waste sooooooo much time! On the laptop, on my phone, on the desktop….it’s a distraction EVERYWHERE!!!  And come February I will be studying the equivalent of full time.  Two modules on the go at once! I need to be focused. Giving up social media was all around a good idea for me.  I will also be posting more of my thoughts here (lucky you haha!)

So to recap, weight loss is going, slowly, but will improve once I am healed and working my bum off; one of the dieticians doesn’t know her arse from a hole in the ground; I am doing awesome at physical therapy and studying. yay me! 🙂

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