Bariatric Dietician

On Friday I saw the dietician for my weight loss surgery team for the first time EVER.  I admit I was nervous I was going to be told I wasn’t doing well enough….I’m a tad hard on myself.

To my surprise I was praised up one side and down the other.  I was told I am doing fantastic and MUCH better than is expected for someone who had the duodenal switch in two stages very far apart.  That made me smile…a lot 🙂 Since Feb 18th I have lost 23% of excess weight for a total of 63% of excess gone since my sleeve. yay me!

Then came the chat about vitamins.  I was very honest but was afraid I would get told off for supplementing so much. BUT, I showed her my chart and my schedule and she applauded my proactive attitude to nutrition.  Seriously, I felt like teachers pet! ha.  She also took down VitaLady’s website addy to check out later.  It’s so rare for a nutritionist/dietician to be so willing to learn new things.  Seriously was a breath of fresh air.

She took notes about my diet which I was very honest about.  (I don’t deal in bullshit, rainbows OR unicorns…no need to lie or sugarcoat!)  I admitted I am addicted to Dr Pepper Zero….no lie lol…that stuff is my new crack!  Pre op, I was all about Pepsi Max but my tastebuds have changed an now it just tastes like messed up lemons lol.  Also confessed about chocolate…which ALSO doesn’t taste right.  Soooo weird!  But again I was told I was doing fantastic and my diet is pretty good even considering the PMS binges I admitted to.  I was an open book.  We discussed my eating disorder and the possible need for counselling in my area, though she did admit finding someone who specialises in obesity/weight loss is tricky.

So yay…gold star for me!!!

And..when I found out why my surgery took so long, it just made me more, MUCH MORE determined to prove everyone wrong…and now, my surgeon is at the top of the list of people I am determined to prove wrong.  Statistically, I am already a WLS success….but I am not even close to done.  I will do this.  I AM doing this!

Oh and Im down to 367lbs.  That is just NUTS!  I was 644lbs when I began this crazy journey. I love life! 🙂


Suck it haters. 😉

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2 Responses to Bariatric Dietician

  1. dawn4511 says:

    Awesome job way to kick butt :-).


    • Thank you 🙂

      Im really thankful I had the DS in 2 stages….I learned so much from my sleeve that I have a bit of mental advantage this time around….however, 1 week out of 4 is a complete loss lol. If Im hormonal, throw crap food at me and run far away lol


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