4 Months post DS

So here I am! Still alive a kickin, 4 months after my duodenal switch.

Things are going very well.  I am down to 368lbs now and have gotten my itty bitty brain around all the vits and supplements I need to remain healthy after such severe malabsorption.

I have my first ever consult with a bariatric dietician…which I am both excited and irked about.  I have gotten this far without so much as a handout from my team, so eff them if they think they can tell me something I do not know.  But, I am going along in an attempt to play ball like a good little patient…but seriously?!  I’ve lost more than 270lbs without their helps so what do they want from me?  I do not need their advice.  I researched and prepared for both of my ops for years and know enough DS vets who have educated me beyond what a bariatric dietician can.

My hand if still effed up. I got a shot in my wrist on the 6th of June. I was told it could take up to a month to see if it will even work.  If not, its surgery. ugh.  Carpal tunnel is no joke, I always thought it was a bit of pain, but no….my freaking hand tingles and is useless.  When I wash my hands I cannot even feel the water touch my fingers.  SUCKS!  But at least it isn’t super serious or life threatening.

My wound is healing at super sonic speeds.  I may be off the PICO pump by next week.  Then it’s just a matter of keeping it covered until it scabs over and heals all the way.  I can’t wait! All this time I have been unable to drive and am mostly housebound…which kinda sucks..but I have discovered Orange is the New Black so at least Im occupied for a minute 🙂

Food wise, I have pushed boundaries and figured what I can and can’t eat without repercussions.  It turns out, the healthier the carb, the more I will suffer.  I can eat a cookie and might get a bit of gas. I eat a small bowl of oats and I pray for death for 16 hours.  Soooo seeing as evil fattening carbs seem ok, I steer WAYYY clear of them.  It would be all too easy to get off track.  And I seriously want to see the 200’s by christmas. And carbs will not help me get there.

Life is pretty good.  Still no regrets or buyers remorse.

Hope all is going well for all of you 🙂

And here is a pic of my vits I take 🙂 Hopefully it is legible.


Vits Chart

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