Hola! :)

Hello my followers and random readers! 🙂

Well….not a lot has changed haha.  I still am dealing with my large wound, though it is a lot smaller. yay!  I’m on a PICO which is like a mini wound vac…but not.  It’s about the size of an old-school pager and fits in my pocket.  The yucky stuff just gets sucked into a dressing.  The nice bit is, nurses are only coming twice a week. 

Sucks that I still can’t drive though. boooooo! The weather here in England has been super nice lately and I would love nothing more than to take a drive, alone, windows down and music up.  It’s just not the same with the hubs driving lol.  He talks…A LOT! lol

The weight is still going down (as it should lol)  And I will attach a new comparison pic at the bottom of this post.

I’m struggling mentally though.  It’s not depression…..it’s more like identity confusion.  Like, who the hell am I and how do I fit into this crazy world I have never really been a part of?  So, I think I’m going to ask for a referral to some counselling.  I found a place that deals with bariatric patients in my area.  I just can’t really explain what my head is doing!  I haven’t been this weight (380) since I was 13/14….and at that point in my life I was an awkward lost teenager…..and I kinda feel like I’m slipping back into that confusion. So instead of trying to figure it out myself, I am going to seek help.  I keep eating things I have no desire for….I don’t want it, it doesn’t taste good, it’s bad for me and yet I still eat it.  My brain is trying to sabotage me, so I need to sort this sooner, rather than later.  I WILL DO THIS!!!! 

Had a check up on the 27th of May and my team is super impressed with my progress, so its not like I’m failing, just more like flailing about like a fish out of water.  I see the team again on the 20th of June and I should know if my blood tests came back normal.  Post-DS the whole vitamin situation can be confusing, so I am curious to see where my levels are and if anything needs tweaking. 

Life is pretty good 🙂 Hope things are going well for you too!



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2 Responses to Hola! :)

  1. You are doing fabulously! Looking great. 🙂


  2. Thank you! 🙂 I wish I felt that way….maybe someday soon! 😀 You have done great too!


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