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Bariatric Dietician

On Friday I saw the dietician for my weight loss surgery team for the first time EVER.  I admit I was nervous I was going to be told I wasn’t doing well enough….I’m a tad hard on myself. To my … Continue reading

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Jealousy is Ugly

Well well well.  So it turns out, supposedly, that my last surgery took so long as there were people stirring the pot.  Fair enough, stir away.  Success cannot be stopped. 🙂 Enjoy your sad lives, which will never ever be … Continue reading

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“Of Two Minds”

I just watched this documentary on netflix…like it just ended this moment and I feel I need to write about it whilst it is still fresh in my mind. I am bipolar.  I have never denied it.  It has been … Continue reading

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4 Months post DS

So here I am! Still alive a kickin, 4 months after my duodenal switch. Things are going very well.  I am down to 368lbs now and have gotten my itty bitty brain around all the vits and supplements I need … Continue reading

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Hola! :)

Hello my followers and random readers! 🙂 Well….not a lot has changed haha.  I still am dealing with my large wound, though it is a lot smaller. yay!  I’m on a PICO which is like a mini wound vac…but not. … Continue reading

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