Officially crapping myself!

Well, February 18th is fast approaching.  I’ve had tears….lots of sobbing snotty tears.  I’m not really scared, I’m more sad…and I cannot explain WHY or WHAT I am sad about…but I’m sad for some reason.  I am as ready for this as I can be.  I am not looking forward to post op pain.  I hate pain….a lot.  I am a wuss and do not like pain, not even a little…could never be into S&M cos I hate pain SOOO MUCH!!!

Also, most of England is under water at the moment which might make trips to see me a bit difficult for the hubz.  Hoping my stay in hospital will be a lot shorter than last time. I do not do well with all of the fuss.  When I am in pain and feel like death, I want to be left alone to wallow in my misery and get through it….but that’s not really possible in hospital.

Anyways, on a happier note, I’ve kinda been living like I a dying. Hubz and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary by going out for awesome steak dinner and to a poetry slam.  This is what I mean by living like Im dying.  I got up there and did my thang, something I have not done in over 10 years.  It was scary, intimidating but mostly exhilarating 🙂  Here is my “Fat Girl Rant”

Fat Girl Rant by ME 🙂   Enjoy!  If you have ever been judged because of your weight, I’m sure you will identify with some of it.  Even my friends who HATE poetry could dig this.

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2 Responses to Officially crapping myself!

  1. Tina Marie says:

    February 18th will be the one year anniversary of my gastric sleeve surgery! Congrats! Happy belated anniversary, as well! I know, it didn’t really hit me until the morning of my surgery and my hubby and brother left the room they had me in preop. I cried as they were leaving. As for pain, they had me on liquid oxycotin or something, every 4 hours at home, so I wasn’t in much pain. Good luck!


  2. Oh man, I had a rough ride of it but I’m on the mend nearly 4 months post op lol


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