I’m crap at blogging lol

I am terrible at blogging.  Between facebook and forums and me laying it all out there, I forget not everyone is there 🙂

Life is GREAT!!! (understatement!!!!)  I’m very excited for my DS.  I never thought it would come.  I kept going back and forth between yes, no, yes, no, yes, no and then I thought I wanted the RNY and then back to the yes-no’s up until a few days before my letter came.  Just before it came I decided it was really a NO.  I was scared, afraid I would die etc….all the things people having major surgery think about and decided no.  Then my letter came.  I read it 20 times, crying each time and realised my heart was screaming YES YES YES YES!!!!  This is my CHANCE!!!

Since then I’ve been teetering on mania.  Struggling to sleep, massive confidence, very social etc.  I’m bipolar 2, not 1, so my mania isn’t as hellish.  Bipolar 2 is the less of two evils so to speak.  But omg. This not sleeping is killing me! I have 12 hours sleep in 4 days…for some people that is normal, but I am a 9 hour a night kind of person.

But yeah, IM STOKED!!!!!  I’ve been planning and prepping and kicking ass.  My surgeon doesn’t do a preop diet so I put myself on one lol.  At least 3 protein shakes a day (syntrax nectar strawberry protein isn’t so bad with a couple of pinches of strawberry crystal light) and dinner.  The amazing thing is that on this second day of my self induced misery, my sleeve appears to be shrinking…massively!  I know it wouldn’t take much to stretch it again because I have an overly elastic stomach lol.  But I got so full with dinner…all 6 bites of it..and normally I would have been able to eat all I was served. 🙂 This makes me soooo happy!!!  If I can shrink my sleeve up, it will *almost* be like a virgin Duodenal Switch 🙂

Anyways, thought I would stop by and tell you all how excited I am! 😀 Bet you couldn’t tell one bit haha.

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