I gave up….and my time has come!

So, some time around the middle of January I gave up all hope of ever getting my duodenal switch….I deleted most of my accounts, took down my YouTube vids and was preparing to carry on living life as a fat person.  Two days later, my letter cam with my date!!!!!  I am getting my DS FINALLY!!!!! I had my pre-op check on Jan 31st and all looks good.  I go in for my op Feb 18th.  I am stoked!

People have this misconception that I was lucky that my sleeve “worked”.  No, it quit working about 6 months post op.  The ride was over…and since then I have worked my ass off, counted calories, carbs, and protein to lose any weight.  Every pound I have lost has been a personal victory.  I am near the end though. No matter how hard I try, not much more weight will shift so it is time for my duodenal switch 🙂 And I am very excited for what the future holds for me.  It has not been an easy ride, that is for sure!

I shared the below pic on facebook and was inundated with diet advice.  If you feel need to give me dieting advice, save your breath and remove yourself from my life. xthanksbye!  Here is my pre DS collage of my sleeve years. 🙂


Losing weight isn’t easy, even if you have surgical help. My “easy way out” stopped being easy 6 months post VSG. Since then I have yo-yo dieted my way down to where I am…and now I await my Duodenal Switch 🙂
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4 Responses to I gave up….and my time has come!

  1. People were giving you diet advice? WTF?!? I think you are amazing. I’m so excited to follow the rest of your journey! ❤ -Jessica


  2. Yes lol. My friend from HS wanted to share it on her wall and I let her. Two people were giving me unsolicited advice…….RUDDDEEEEE!!!! It should be a bit obvious I have found my own way to deal with MY issues 🙂 Everyone else can piss off lol


  3. I wish you much luck with your DS!


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