Gluten Free Psoriasis Results

So I wrote an entry last year around this time about my research and N=1 experiment of avoiding gluten to see if it would improve my skin condition, psoriasis, which is also an auto-immune disorder.  The results pretty much speak for themselves.  In the first pic my arms are all that you can see but my whole torso was covered with patches on my legs.  In the second pic, taken in September in Idaho shows my arms clear….nearly a year later.  I have never gone 100% into remission nor for this long, thus I must conclude gluten exacerbates my treatment resistant psoriasis.

Ps-that handsome dude is “the hubz” 🙂

1393298_10151659116357676_2016523953_n 1379590_10151659504027676_54633935_n

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