I have my very own domain now! yay!

So, I’ve been bored….and decided to rejuvenate my blog.  I deleted my old duodenalswitcharoo wordpress and there is no way to recover that…so I took the plunge and bought my own URL 🙂 Update your bookmarks!

I’ve had an interesting summer!  It was pretty much fantastic weather for 90% of the time here in England.  I took full advantage of that. Social lunches with old co-workers, lunch dates with the ladies I met in my GCSE class, and plenty of shenanigans!

In May, I went on Atkins. It went REALLY well. I got down to 429, whoa, I know, RIGHT?  I’m sure I weigh more than that now because at the end of June we had my father in-laws 60th Birthday party and it involved lots of carbs and alcohol.  I got everyone toasted on jagerbombs! ha.  Was so much fun.

Then at the end of August we (my hubz, stepson and I), went on our first family holiday to South Wales.  It was so much fun!  The weather was rather welsh-like lol but it was a good chance to get away.  We saw Smurfs 2, went to the beach (in jeans and jackets no less!) and we went shopping.  Nothing too over the top.  The hubz and his son went to the huge waterpark in Swansea for a few hours.

A week after we returned from Swansea we left for the good ol’ US of A.  It started off well, the flight out there was not fully packed and I was able to sleep a couple of hours on the plane, which is unusual.  We landed, went through immigration and customs and got our rental car.  Then it started to go a bit pear-shaped.  The hubz brought our satnav (gps) as we used to have the USA maps loaded…..used to! We do not anymore lol.  The hubz gets very snappy under stress where as I go into survival mode.  I’m not from L.A.  and have only been there twice at LAX.  We were to stay at a hotel about 40 miles north of L.A. so yeah, jet lagged, lost in L.A. with Mr. Grumpy Pants!  My spidey senses got us there though.  I made him get on a north bound freeway….whats the worst that could happen? lol.  Then we got stuck in traffic. 2 hours to get to our hotel 40 miles away from LAX.  Good times! lol.

Oh, and the precursor to this, the night before our flight from Heathrow, I pulled an all nighter to get my economics essay done and submitted.  So by this point I had been up going on 36+ hours.  I was so sleepy!  When we got to the hotel at 5:30pm I got into and slept until 6am the next morning.  I was so tired!  Then we got on the road to the Bay Area.

To make an incredibly long story short: we drove from LAX to the Bay Area, to Winnemucca Nevada to Boise Idaho up to Salmon Idaho and then did it all in reverse!!!! Went over several mountain ranges and lucky me picked up an ear infection from my little niece and nephew in Salmon Idaho (the middle of bloody now where!!!)  I talked myself into thinking it was just a sinus infection and we drove back to Boise Idaho.  By the time we had gone over the mountains I was grumpy and very poorly.  My ear hurt to touch and it was plugged…wouldn’t pop.  I haven’t had an ear infection since I was a child!!! Anyways, we ended up in the ER, I ended up cancelling meeting up with all my friends in Boise and we stayed an extra night there so the antibiotics could work a bit more.

*sigh* And this is why I “used” to weight 429 lol.  I have no idea where I am at right now. I shall continue with the story from when we got home.

We had been home for all of 5 minutes and the downstairs toilet exploded.  Not the seat, not the bowl, the tank/cistern…at the bottom…so it kept trying to fill up and just poured water non-stop.  Flooded our entire downstairs….we had flooring….and a nice rug….and ikea furniture….all of it gone.  And THEN? I dropped my andriod mobile in the flood. FML! Who have I pissed off?! lol.

Insurance helped.  I am sat at my in-laws (bored, hence the new blog deal) whilst they are holiday and whilst hubz sorts out the house!

Welcome home, eh? yeah.

The house should be sorted next week. Painted, new furniture and new flooring…the works.  Until then I am in a house that isn’t my own, surviving on sandwiches and pepsi max :/ Not the best choices but I’m just trying to get through at the moment.

Speaking of eating….I ate gluten in the USA. We were there for 3 weeks.  I got confirmation that gluten flares my psoriasis and arthritis!  Within 2 weeks I had a huge red, itchy and stingy patch.  Its at the bottom of my hairline on my neck.  It’s still there 3 weeks later but is fading as I have gone completely gluten free again.  That time it took 3 months for my psoriasis to disappear so I just have to be patient (something I’m not very good at)

So why the blog name change?  I haven’t been able to do aquafit for over a year and claiming to be the queen of something you can’t even do is LAME lol.  And I have made the decision to have the second half of the surgery as was originally planned.  I’ve gotten over my fears and made peace with the fact that I could possibly die or have complications.  I have taken many risks in life and they lead me to where I am now, so why not take another chance and see where it takes me. 🙂

I’m still waiting on a bloody date.  Called my surgeons office 3 times last week trying to hurry things up.  I will call them again soon.  My mobile doesn’t work in this tiny ass town lol so it will have to wait til I am back home. In the meantime, once home, I am going back on Atkins til my surgery date rolls around.  I will make an effort to update my blog more, I just feel like I lead a boring life and there isn’t much to say, but I will try to do better 🙂

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