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Love and Aspergers (also an update on WLS)

I have mentioned before that I have aspie like issues, but being 35 diagnosis is not relevant and wouldn’t change my life one bit and back in the 80’s in the USA Aspergers was unheard of and even less so for … Continue reading

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Gluten Free Psoriasis Results

So I wrote an entry last year around this time about my research and N=1 experiment of avoiding gluten to see if it would improve my skin condition, psoriasis, which is also an auto-immune disorder.  The results pretty much speak for … Continue reading

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So far, so good! Got a long ways to go though!

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A Conversation with Myself

I am a post opper. VSG Aug 2010. I am a preopper, DS soon TBA. Sorry if the tenses in this post change…it seriously was like I was having a convo with myself, lol. Having the DS in two stages … Continue reading

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I have my very own domain now! yay!

So, I’ve been bored….and decided to rejuvenate my blog.  I deleted my old duodenalswitcharoo wordpress and there is no way to recover that…so I took the plunge and bought my own URL 🙂 Update your bookmarks! I’ve had an interesting … Continue reading

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