200+lbs GONE!!!!!

I am over the moon and back and then to Mars and back! Holy crapola!

I feel pretty damned amazing! I had my weigh in this morning and I am now 442.6….I have lost over 200lbs.  I am 201.2 kg so next week I expect to smash through the 200kg barrier!  And the most amazing part is, I am on pms week which usually means a gain of 5+lbs.

Yesterday  I decided to go against my own anti-diet ideals and do Atkins induction for 2 weeks just to get things going.  If I do have the second half of the duodenal switch, this is how I will have to eat forever anyways so might as well try it now!  Thing is, I hadn’t even started in earnest. Today is day one…and I’ve already hit a goal.  So excited.  Scared and a bit tearful, but excited! I am ready to go to the next level.  After I smash the 200kg goal, my next goal will be to hit 420lbs as that was my weight at 19 years old.  I was 400 at 18 when I graduated high school, so this is pretty much uncharted territory for me.  Soon enough I will be at my lightest adult weight EVER.

Anyways, I have an essay to write so I can’t stay on here forever 🙂 Hope all it well with you guys!

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4 Responses to 200+lbs GONE!!!!!

  1. Honey Pye says:

    Well done, love! 🙂


  2. Congratulations! It has been amazing to watch your progress.


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