Closer to 400 than 500!!!!

Well, today deserves a blog post!

Had weigh in this morning and I am at 445.7.  I can’t believe it.  I have to lose 1.7lbs and I have lost 200lbs.  Its amazing, yet scary!  In 25 more lbs I will be the weight I was when I graduated high school….18 years old….and I’m 35 next month.  So insane!  I’m speechless really, not sure what to say.  I’m stoked!

I’m fitting in UK clothes now, which rocks, but omg, I went on a shopping binge! Credit cards are suffering!!!!  And my feet have shrunk! I used to struggle to wear a UK size 10, now I comfortably wear a size 9, which means I now have cute girly sandals and boots!!!  And the best thing is my bewbs!  Went from a 56 C to a 48 DD/DDD!!!! yay! I have cleavage AND cute shoes 🙂 haha!

Loving life at the moment! Got my grade for my last GCSE maths exam and I got 69 out of 69! 100%…on ALGEBRA!!! holy moly!

I’m also doing a social science degree, so I am keeping busy.  Trying to get myself edumacated whilst I am losing weight working towards my apronectomy and hip replacements.  Then, once I am physically able, I will also have a degree to help me get a respectable job!  Will never work in a call centre again, EVER! My last job ruined me!  What I would LOVE to do is be a motivational speaker or life couch or something, that would be AMAZING!

Still eating gluten free/paleo 80/20.  Still psoriasis free except for one elbow and my scalp, which is awesome since I had extreme coverage!!!! yay, hello vest tops/tank tops!!!

I should get off here and do some homework, lol, but I wanted to do a weight update since it has been a while.  445.7 baby! Closer to 400lbs now than I am to 500, feels AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Almost lost 200lbs and I am almost under 200kg….two goals about to be met! And Im going to celebrate with a new tattoo!!!!

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2 Responses to Closer to 400 than 500!!!!

  1. Honey Pye says:

    You have done so amazing! I have be reading your blogs and I’ve watch some of your old YouTube videos and I think that you’re a real inspiration!
    I love your humour and playfulness and that fact that you NEVER give up!
    I think that you’d be wonderful as an inspirational speaker!
    Keep up the good work, Love. I’m sure everyone you know (and many that you don’t) are as proud of you as you are of yourself. *High 5 Girl!* 🙂


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