Doing Well!

Sometimes life gets in the way and I forget to blog or procrastinate to the point that things now seem irrelevant.  Last weight in was GREAT! I am down to 453lbs. Well….I was…before Christmas came!  191lbs lost. 🙂 That makes me a happy girl!   My weight loss is going infinitely slower than everyone elses but that’s ok. My journey is my own.

Our Christmas was great! We celebrate it on Christmas Eve as that is when we have my stepson.  I got some great things! An electric  toothbrush I have been after, a rice cooker, some things for the home but my favourite present was that the hubz shaved his face! I have never seen his chin! Oh I love it so much! He is such a gorgeous dude! Love him to bits!  We had an awesome dinner of Turkey and Roast potatoes and veg. nom nom nom.  We are very blessed.  I miss my family in the states like crazy around this time of year, but I have an adopted family with my inlaws 🙂

It’s almost the first of 2013. Time to set some goals.  I set some last year and for the first time I actually made some of them and went beyond!  One of my goals was to pass the UK driving theory test. Well not only did I do that, but I passed the practical as well and now have been let loose on the roads!   I have goals I did not accomplish but don’t we all?  I have started going to college for my English and Maths GCSE just so I have some UK qualifications to fall back on!  On top of that, I am starting two courses with the Open University in Feb to count towards a degree in combined Social Sciences with an emphasis in Politics. 🙂 Speaking of politics, I am getting my UK citizenship and passport in the New Year 🙂 Very excited about that! Then I can vote! Get them bloody Torys out of government!

Did I mention last time we got a puppy? His name is Harley.  He is a Parsons Russell Terrier cross. He is growing so much! He is already bigger than I thought he was going to be, lol.  He is a spoiled brat but I love him to bits! He starts puppy school next week, thankfully!

My WLS team have moved my appointment a few times now and I go back to see the team in Feb.  I’m still not sure what I am doing as my head is all over the bloody place.  Do I have more surgery? Do I go for the DS or the RNY?  Can I do it by myself without any more surgery?  So many thoughts and the answers I have change daily.  The fact is, I am STILL losing weight even though I am having to fight for every pound tooth and nail and do I want to risk my life again? I don’t know.  I honestly don’t.  We shall see what the future holds.


Have a happy New Year everyone!




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