Nexplanon Implant, my horrid experience

So, you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything recently.  That is because I was stuck in a miserable hell.
I got this brilliant idea in my head the an implant birth control was an awesome idea.  Fail. Total fail.


I got the implant 7 weeks ago yesterday.  Getting it put in was fairly straight forward and painless.  Then there was pain.  For 2 weeks i got random stabbing pains in my arm and I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  I was assured this would subside.  And it did.  Then the bleeding came.  I was warned it would probably mess with my periods, fair enough, what I was not told was that I would bleed so much that I couldn’t leave the house and I had to sit on a towel on the sofa.  When I stood up, blood clots the size of small mice would fall to the floor. yes i had underpants on, 2 pads and jeans….but they were so big, gravity won.  GP advised to top up with my Femulin (the progesterone only mini pill) to try to control the haemorrhaging.


I lost my sex drive. It did not exist.  I thought my hubz was going to leave me.  I was near full blown psychosis when I contemplated throwing myself down the stairs.  Something was very very wrong.  I hated life. I was exhausted.  I did not feel like myself anymore.


Then there was the yeast. OMG. And Im not talking vag yeast, I’m talking skin rashes.  Prickly and stingy.  Misery.  Oh and the pounding heart every time I laid down.  Scary shit.  I could see my shirt moving my heart was pounding so fast.


Did I mention the insanity???? FML.  The smallest thing would send me off in a rage.


And my appetite was so out of control.  I felt so fat.  Felt like I had gained 50lbs.  Nothing I ate made me feel full and it was like I had never had a sleeve gasterctomy.


After having suicidal thoughts and being a raging bitch of a wife, I knew the fucker that I refer to as the alien, had to come out.


I went to my GP and had a breakdown.  As soon as I closed the door behind me, I broke down into hysterical tears.  I have been very stable mental health wise for over a year, maybe even two.  I was 100% sure this suicidal psychosis was NOT bipolar related.  She was in shock as usually I am a perky cheerful person.  She agreed the alien had to be removed.


It was removed yesterday morning.  Within 10 hours of removal, my appetite was halved.  Today, 24+hrs later, I feel a lot more like myself.  I can feel love again.  Things don’t annoy me to the extreme.  The bleeding persists, though it easing up.  I was actually able to go to college tonight for the first time in 5 weeks.  No more pounding heart.  No yucky rashes.  Life is getting back to normal for me.  And my libido has returned! YAY!!!


I realise that my reaction to the Nexplanon is rare and extreme, but I am proof that it CAN happen.


Oh, and I was brave and stepped on the scale.  Only gained 7lbs in 7 weeks, which is awesome considering I though it was 50lbs.  my jeans are loose again which means I must have been bloated beyond words.


I shall stick with my femulin pills and will be forever grateful for my GP letting me get the alien taken out.  Most GPs would insist you stick it out for a year.  In a year I woulda been divorced and dead.  Me + Implant = Bad Bad Mojo!


Life is good again and will get better once the river dries up!


PS-I do know people who love the implant, I am just very very unlucky!

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