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Resisting the Siren call

The scale, it calls to me like a Siren bathing nude in a rocky river.  I am doing my best to resist.  Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows the body naturally fluctuates day to day and anything … Continue reading

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My Jawline…had to share!!!


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Losing the Fat, Losing Myself

I weighed yesterday.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I had been getting weighed at my GP office weekly for the past couple of months but between my lovely chest infection and the weight loss nurse getting a promotion, I hadn’t weighed … Continue reading

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As Good of Time as Any…

It’s 3:12am and I can’t sleep.  I have been ill for a week and a half so far.  Hubz brought back a bug from America and we have both been very poorly.  Chest infections and antibiotics galore.  Fun fun fun.  … Continue reading

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