I made IT!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so excited!!!  My weight in yesterday was GREAT! Lost 4.4lbs last week! I am now 467.4….The lightest I have been since I was 19….15 years ago.  It feels really good!  It took a lot of work to break through my barriers.  A lot of it is mental for me. Have always been supersized so once I hit 480 my subconscious sabotages me.  Not this time.  I read a really really good book…been meaning to do a book review on it, but it helped soooo much!!!  I think I finally “get” it.


So on Wednesday I told myself if I lost 2.2lbs, which is what I needed t get below 470, then I would reward myself with a pair of khaki/combat trousers.  Well, I lost double that, so I bought 2, lol.  Can’t wait to get them.  I did order a size down from what I need now, but they will fit soon enough 🙂


Also, being gluten free has meant my psoriasis is getting better, slowly, but it IS improving 🙂 I will post a comparison pic at the end of this post.  I haven’t been 100% gluten free, but after finding out (the painful way) that gluten also impacts my arthritic hips, I am now 100% hootin gluten free!


I started a couple of college courses.  Nothing special, just English GCSE and Maths GCSE.  Something to get me out of the house and will also give me some English qualifications to put on my CV/resume.  It is good fun and I forgot how intelligent I really am.  Both classes are for C grade but both teachers have mentioned having me do extra work to get B’s 🙂 This pleases me greatly!  I AM smart, yay!  And maths is really hard for me, lol.  I get confused and my brain shuts down!  English on the other hand, is a breeze.  Love it!


But yeah.  Being out 2 nights a week has meant I am not getting to the pool or gym.  I am having to walk a little due to the disabled parking not being very close to the entrance of the college, but that is the only exercise I am getting at the moment….and it kills me.  I spend the weekend recovering.  I suspect I will find my groove and get back to the pool or gym soon.  Just need to get used to the walking as it is quite painful and taxing!
ok, so here is the pic. Sorry it is gross, but I am covered in this itchy, ugly shit!!!  But if I stay gluten free, hopefully it will go away!!!


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