Count Dracula and other things…

So I saw a consultant from my surgical team today. I love his accent, lol.  He is from the middle east somewhere but to me he sounds like count dracula, lol, and he is nice to look at as well 🙂


I was worried about stepping on the scale as I have been doing very well at my weekly weigh in at my doctors surgery and didn’t want to have to deal with the emotions of a random weigh in on a different scale.  If it was higher, I would have hated myself. If it was lower I would have been excited but it could have come crashing down tomorrow when I have my actual WI.  The universe was looking out for me! The scale was broken 🙂 yay!


We discussed the RNY (gastric bypass) vs the 2nd half of the DS (duodenal switch). He said my facts are correct and my opinions are valid, but he isn’t going to say or do anything until he speaks with my surgeon as I am such a complex case. Fair enough! I just wanted to be heard and make my preferences known 🙂 He said he would either call me with an answer or send me an appointment to meet with my surgeon.  So either way, it was a good appointment.  He also confirmed that I have been on the NHS waiting list since Aug 2011, lol.  Patience is a must when going through the NHS!


The weather was alright, but decided to piss it down on the way home once we got to Reading.


Eating was good as I planned ahead and took plums, boiled eggs and a GF ham sandwich.  Stayed totally on plan but did get a treat on the way home for being such a good girl at the Dr’s, lol. I got a light frapp from starbucks. yummy!


I feel content in myself.  The universe has a funny way of making everything work out.


I am having pains though. I got a birth control implant and they put it in my extra skin bit of my arm and every so often I get a pinching pain 😦 sucks ass.  Hopefully it will go away!  Will ask the nurse about the pain tomorrow at WI.


Got my first tattoo last Saturday to celebrate passing my UK driving test…finally, lol.  Passed the written no problem, only got one question wrong, but the practical here is sooooo different than in the US.  It isn’t a test to see if you can drive, it is a test to see if you can tick all the pedantic boxes!!! LOL.  Got the same examiner the second time and at the end I said “Well, you lived through my driving TWICE!” and he said, your driving is great, its just these boxes you need to tick! UGGGHHH!!!!  I can’t express how frustrating it was….Im not very good at failing…..I was the girl in school who cried when she got a B.  Failing is the end of the world, but I took EVERYTHING he said after the first test, on board, and tried my hardest to be PERFECT, and it worked.  🙂 So now I am free to roam as I like.  Wanna see my tatt?  The butterfly represent Freedom, obviously, and the 2 flowers are for the times I attempted, lol.  I do have a sense a humour about it all…now. 🙂

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One Response to Count Dracula and other things…

  1. I am working towards bypass after my sleeve…I hope it helps me….this is Jessica D. by the way so you already knew that! My last weigh in for my insurance is in a week. Hopefully I can submit at that point and get my surgery date on the books. This has been such a long road. But worth it.


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