Well I had my weight in this morning and I was down 3.8lbs.  🙂  This is very very good! I am back down to 477.8 only 7.9lbs to go before I am my lowest EVER. 🙂


I needed this weigh in to be good because last night I had a mini-breakdown.  I went to my monthly moot with all my local witchy friends at a nearby pub.  The menu was online so I tried plugging different things into my calories on myfitnesspal and nothing would fit!  So before I left I made a gluten free ham sandwich to make sure I wasn’t starving.  That barely helped! All around me was food. Yummy pub food!  To the left of me was a prawn curry, to the right of me was a giant cheese burger and chips (chunky fries) and across from me was gammon steak, eggs and more chips!!! Ahhhhh. Fat girl on a deit’s WORST nightmare!  To cope I tore a beer mat to shreds to keep my mind and hands busy. Everything smelled soooo good!!!!  And there WAS temptation. They brought an extra plate of food by mistake and we had to send them away twice…TWICE they offered free food. Then the friend to the left of me kept offering me chips. Nooooo!!!!!


I was so hungry, but I had to fast from 8pm for a blood test this morning.  I got home, walked in the door and just cried.  I needed the release.  I was on the edge….binge….or not.  So I chose not, and cried…a lot.   My poor husband didnt know what to do and kept offering to make me food and I passed.  Said no.  Ugh.


So that was my last night. I NEEDED the reward of losing weight. And I got it! 3.8 baby! Heck yes!  When I step on the scale, I don’t get immediate gratification because here in the UK the medical peeps weigh in kilos (kilograms)  so it isn’t until I pull out my smartphone, do the math and THEN I get excited 🙂


I’ve lost over 10lbs in two weeks. That’s pretty damn good going for not exercising and half assing the Primal thing.




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