Life Has a Funny Way….

Well, my gluten free life has been awesome.  Being diagnosed lactose intolerant since I was 13. Gas, bloating and diarrhoea was the normal for me after eating anything dairy.  Since being wheat free for 1.5 weeks I can now drink 600ml of milk in one go (use it with my protein shakes) and no lactose intolerance what so ever!  RESULT!!!

Soooo… gluten freeness has turned into Primal eating.  At first I was thinking of relying on GF replacements to supplement my diet.  I actually bought a loaf of GF bread. It is TINY!!! But two pieces fill me way up.  But I still have half a loaf left as I have been eating lots of fruit and eggs.

This lead me to google. At first I was looking up Paleo diets wondering what all the fuss was about.  I read free previews of all of the books on Amazon and read plenty of websites.  A lot of good information, but it still seemed very diety to me.  Dieting triggers eating disorders for those of you not in the know.  But I kept looking as I knew there was a correlation between no longer being lactose intolerant, losing 7lbs in a week and not eating many gains at all, but still having a pretty high carb count due to fruit and veg.  There had to be someone else out there who had discovered this awesomeness!

And he did!  Mark’s Daily Apple.  He is the author of The Primal Blueprint.  Which is so clear and common sense that I can’t believe it isn’t mainstream.  Now you may be thinking, oh dear, here we go again on the low carb train, but you would be mistaken.  This isn’t a diet with phases and ketone strips.  This is just a guideline for how one can live life.  This diet advocates eating carbs like fruit and veg, but avoiding grains.  Which makes sense when you look at the history and science behind it.  I am not a historian, nor a scientist, you can do the research for yourself and make up your own mind. Everybody is different and the same holds true for paths in life.

What I do know, is in the past 1.5 weeks, my eating disorder has ceased to even exist. Binge? What’s that?  Haven’t even had a bite of chocolate, dark or otherwise in the past week.  This is unheard of.  My osteoarthritis pain, whilst still there is under control.  My moods (Im bipolar and on my TOM at the mo) are so even keeled I’m starting to question where I even have bipolar or was just super sensitive to wheat and the like.  And as I said before, I am no longer lactose intolerant.   And I lost 7lbs last week and am looking forward to Friday’s weight in.  I look in the mirror and can see my belly shrinking before my eyes.  All of this in 1.5 weeks of half-assing it, as I was eating GF bread.

You may be sighing in your head, doubtful of my claims, but I promise you they are true. And if they change, I will be sure to write about that as well.

As for “low carb”. I HATE low carb diets. I go through heroin like withdrawls.  I can last a week on South Beach and 3 or 4 days on Atkins before I am so miserable with life i give in.  The difference here is, I eat carbs.  I can eat fruit and veg until my heart content (well, not really as I am STILL counting calories because I desire weight loss) but the point is, this is NOT low carb, just no grains and no processed non-food shit. And unlike low carb diets, you can have milk and an occasion potato and lots of carrots.  I have the book coming to me tomorrow, thank you AmazonPrime!  but from what I have read he urges people to eat organic, grass fed meat and the like.  I ain’t rich so I’m not going that far, but I can tell you that cutting out grains and processed foods have made me feel 100% better in under 2 weeks.

So how’s my psoriasis doing since that is what started this madness?  It’s hard to tell. I am itchier than a mofo!  But I do have patches that are showing real skin spots, so i am hopeful!

Sorry to sound so preachy, but this is one of those things that when you find something that works for you so well, you want to sing it from the roof tops so the whole world will know!

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