Gluten Free

Well, I’m giving gluten free a go. Not exactly for weight loss, though one can only hope it helps.  I am having the hugest, itchiest, ugliest outbreak of psoriasis ever.  I have yet to find anything that helps as far as topicals go.  I did well with dovenex but of course, they discontinued it and I refuse to take methoretxate, that stuff can jack up your liver for reals!  So I am seeing if taking gluten out of my diet will help as gluten sensitivity and psoriasis are both auto immune issues.
It’s tricky so far, turns out gluten hides EVERYWHERE! Soy sauce, which you would assume, or at least I did, comes from soy beans, however there is tons of gluten in it.  Last night I ordered Living Gluten Free for Dummies UK version so see if I can get my head around it.  I think it is safe to say that man-made stuff is bad and natural stuff: meat, veg and fruit, are safe.


Speaking of fruit, my tummy hurts sooooo bad!!! Had lots of cherries yesterday and I am paying for it today! Our co-op had a bunch of fruit half price so I went and spent £30 of fruit. Did you know 500gms of strawberries only has 150 cals and 300gms of blueberries only has like 90? yeah, this was an awesome discovery! But omg, my tummy hurts so much today!


Life is good and I feel hopeful that maybe, just maybe this will help with my skin issues as it is one thing to be very fat and another to be very fat covered it ugly red patches!

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