Bypass time!

Ok so it has been ages upon ages since I updated! *shakes fist at facebook to eating time*  Actually I have been on a facebook diet! Trying to avoid it a few days at a time and get stuff done around the house! Lots of organising to be done whilst the season is warm and motivation is near. Winter time is hibernation time for me as I have SAD and am bipolar so just walking and breathing at the same time when its dark, cold and wet, can be a challenge.

Things have changed for me quite recently.  I am STILL struggling with weight loss, yet I still plod on counting calories and exercising.  Am still on the waiting list with my surgical team as even though I had decided against the duodenal switch, I didn’t want to give away my place until I was 100% certain I wasn’t going to follow through.  I have now come to the conclusion that I need a bypass, an RNY style bypass.  A duodenal switch is a great surgery! However, because I had to have it in 2 goes as I was so large, the magic of the DS is gone. I won’t get the big losses in the beginning as I am 2 year post sleeve come Thursday.  Either I would need to be resleeved at time of DS, which my surgeon stated point blank that he will NOT do, or I need an RNY so I have the little pouch to go along with an intestinal reroute.  So an RNY is best choice. I know a lot of people will not agree with me, but tough! It’s my body and my life and it is what I NEED. I am 100% crippled due to my hips and have to get down to a BMI of 40 before they will replace them. I don’t have another 6 years to have a DS, lose a little, get re-sleeved and lose a little more. Fuck that shit! Bypass my ass!

It’s kinda weird how I came to the conclusion.  It was only a couple of days ago, but I was sitting outside, enjoying  the sun and silence as we have had my stepson for 12 days so far and 3 more days to go.  He’s a good kid, but man he is chatty! lol. Add to that that the hubz took the time off, I, an introvert in real life, am surrounded by people who never ever shut up, lol.  So anyways, it was in this moment of silence that I realised a bypass is a great option for me.  There have been others who have been sleeved first and then went on to have a bypass rather than a duodenal switch and have done great.  So there is hope for me.  I also had concerns about the DS, I struggle to be compliant with my birth control which I take at bedtime…how on earth was I going to cope with several doses a day of vitamins?  I just had so many concerns with having the DS, that the bypass makes total sense to me.

The sleeve has been good to me and I have lost a lot of weight.  I stopped losing weight after the first year post op, but I have been unlucky in the amount of food I can eat. Even in the hospital I was eating a lot of soup by the 2nd week out.  O-well, live and learn!

I am so at peace with my decision to have an RNY it is insane and I am almost embarrassed to admit, the thought had never occurred to me!  It will take some adjusting to the afterlife of an RNY as with a sleeve there is not any food in the world I cannot eat, just smaller portions, but not that much smaller these days. I can eat quite a bit which is why I am constantly watching my intake. I am back to yo-yo dieting hell!  I took the first step and made an appointment with my surgical team so we can discuss me needs and desires. Fingers crossed all works out as this feels so right.  I know that the RNY can have horrible complications, as can the DS, and even the sleeve, but I was lucky once, hopefully I will be lucky twice AND able to get new hips! yay!

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One Response to Bypass time!

  1. Hiya hun
    Just read your blog, I am glad you have come to the decision to have the RNY. All the best with everything x

    Mitzi ☆


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