Eff YOU Diabetes!

Had a good visit with my GP yesterday.  Got my results from my fasting a1c annual diabetes test.  I am at 51 or 3.4.  I had to google this as I was so low I was off of her conversion chart! Hurray!  I am officially not diabetic. 

 I haven’t been on metformin since I had my sleeve surgery back in Aug 2010, but this new reading is amazing.  MFP doesn’t get the credit, I do! As I took my blood test 2 weeks before I joined MFP 😛 so neerner neener!

 I also confessed to my GP that I didn’t really want the second half of my bariatric surgery.  I got my sleeve as the first stage to a full on Duodenal Switch..the big daddy of all WLS.  I have had a lot of time to think about it as the NHS is very very very slow. I’ve been on the waiting list for the DS since November 11…it is now June 7…so yeah…SLOOOOOOW.  I am happy for that though.  I was sooo desperate.  

Sure, I lost 150lbs with my sleeve and whilst some idiots out there may think I didn’t succeed, I beat my surgeons expectations.  A sleeve is a not a surgery that will fix super morbid obesity. It was a first step to help me lose some weight to make the seconds half safer as I was/am a high risk patient.

 It was scary admitting to my GP that I didn’t want to go that route.  As we need me to lose weight fast to get my hips and knees replaced asap and to get my pannus removed. Not because I am vain, but because I have lymphodema in one side of my belly hang which means whilst my left side hang has gotten a lot smaller with weight loss my right side still hangs below my knees.  It is very painful at times.

 So yeah. I told my GP about MFP and exercising in the pool 2hrs times 3 days a week and she was so supportive. She told me is isn’t fair that I pay so much attention to my health and try so hard but have so many issues.  I love my GP. She is one in a million.  

So here I am…fighting the good fight like everyone else to get one step closer to health, one day at a time

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