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A Brighter Grey Day…

Well, the weather outside couldn’t be much more depressing. Grey, rainy and very very windy.   But I woke up with courage.  Courage to carry on.  Everything isn’t magically better and I am not all smiles, but I am also not … Continue reading

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I must admit, I have felt better. I’m so down right now it is insane. Medical peeps would probably put it down to bipolar, but when it too much to handle?  I just realised my BMI  has not been below … Continue reading

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I have been working my ass off for the past month. Counting calories and working out for 6hrs a week minimum. My total loss from May 13 to June 12 is a whole 3 lbs.  It started out great.  I … Continue reading

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Eff YOU Diabetes!

Had a good visit with my GP yesterday.  Got my results from my fasting a1c annual diabetes test.  I am at 51 or 3.4.  I had to google this as I was so low I was off of her conversion … Continue reading

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Changing It Up….

So I have changed the name of my blog. This may be obvious to some…the few who have followed me since the beginning.  This blog is now formerly known as DuodenalSwitchaRoo.  Which was to chronicle my weight loss surgery journey. … Continue reading

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