The Pork Diet

It doesn’t exist. I don’t think. Wait. Let me google. ok. no. “THE” pork diet doesn’t exist, but links about eating pork during a diet came up.

And no, I’m not really on a pork diet, lol, I’m not a fan of excluding food groups.  A couple of days ago….2 or 3, I think. I made a pork roast in my crockpot, then from the juices & stock I made a pork soup. The hubster used some of the pork roast to make pork fajitas last night and omg, AMAZING! So filling could only eat 1/3 of mine. I did however, manage to finish it today for breakfast and lunch.

All of this to say, in the last 4 days, I have lost 9 lbs.  Good news to me! Maybe I will write a book and pay people to say they lost millions of lbs and every ailment they had was cured.  Heh, maybe not. I’m not in the business of taking advantage of overweight people and insecure skinny people. Just not my bag.  But it is a good idea though, right? I mean you can make just about anything with pork…the unclean other white meat haha.

I used to be, like 10 years ago, a polo-vegetarian. Which isn’t vegetarian at all, lol. It just means you eat chicken and turkey sparingly and fill up on legums, pastas and rice. That’s a bad idea right there.  For those 6 years I gained an insane amount of weight…and I blame it on carb overload! I’m not anti-carb at all, but when you look back at what I was eating instead of protein, it’s no wonder I put on so much weight! But hey ho, live an learn. Now I eat meat, yay, real meat! Can’t beat an awesome steak!!! Rare, ribeye with garlic, sauteed mushrooms and onions…mmmmm.  MEAT! haha.

I get the whole vegetarian thing, I struggle to get the vegan thing, but to each their own, live your best life and be happy right? ooops. I think I may have plagiarised Oprah, lol, wasn’t she big on the “life your best life” thing? Or was that someone else?  I digress. I do what makes me happy. And eating animals is one of those things. Evolution gave my k9’s and the powers that be gave me awesome tastebuds, lol.



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