A Little About My Personal Beliefs

I was raised Mormon, left at 19, dabbled in wicca, then got *saved* haha. Turns out, I really despise organised religion. Spent a few months reading Dawkins and the like…and they make sense, they really do.  However, my heart still belongs to Jesus. I certainly don’t consider myself a christian, but when I tell other pagans my love for Jesus I get some seriously strange looks, lol. I’m also not a wiccan. I consider myself a Traditional Witch…as like back in the olden days before wicca was born, witches were a part of the community, including having traditional religious faith.

I guess I’m just following my own path and heart. I’m drawn to water…running creeks and streams, white water rivers but most of all, the ocean. I love being in the ocean and feeling the natural powers.

I’m a gemini, married to an aquarius and it really is as perfect as it looks on paper, lol The only problems we run into is because we are both first born children haha. I don’t go to church and I don’t belong to a coven. I am an independent spirit and like to work on my own, following my own gut and instincts. I also like to pray to Jesus and listen to christian worship music, lol. I sounds like a mess, but really I feel so at peace with my life and my path. Life is good and I am very blessed.

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