Oh my ARSE!!!!

I have a pulled ass muscle.  I can’t even imagine how I accomplished this feat. Today has been a rest day. Aside from waking up at 3am and putting some carrots and potatoes in the crockpot for soup…I have literally done NOTHING! I haven’t even showered yet. Not cos I’m a skanky ho, but because if I had showered at 3am, I woulda woken up hubster…and to shower after that woulda meant climbing the stairs again and I was TRYING to not be in pain today. FAIL. How, just how do you pull an ass muscle reading a book? FML, lol. I have to laugh cos if I didn’t laugh I might just cry. I really wanted to get to the gym tonight but I can barely heave myself off the sofa to go to the loo.

Other than my ass, today has been pretty peaceful for me.  I wanted to get out and plant my veg but it has been pouring down rain, hail at one point and has been very dark and gloomy.  Bad day for gardening….good day to eat soup 🙂

Chloe came by today. She’s my cat that went feral and has been living wild for over 2 years. She is Kashas mummy.  She has been coming around almost daily for a couple of months just for a couple of mouthfulls of food and a quick 10 minute nap on the radiator and then she is off again.  She was the first pet I got when I came to the UK.  I had an inclining she would go wild as since she was a small kitten she would bring in huge birds and proceed to fill my kitchen with blood and feathers.  Some animals are just not meant to be domestic.  I still miss her though.  We have had a few cats….long story, but they keep adopting different people on our street. And poor Sophie got hit a month ago….she is now burried under our apple tree. She used to love to scratch our cherry tree so in memory of her we buried her under an apple tree. It was a very sad burial and don’t think I have ever seen the hubster cry like that. 😦 She was mainly his cat and it was so so sad 😦  Kasha hates him, lol…so yeah he gets no comfort from her.  Kasha is a punk ass bitch cat and I love her with all my heart!!!

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