3am is EARLY!

Woke up at 3am from strange dreams. The wind was disturbing the aluminium blinds, I had hunger pangs and I seriously needed a wee.  All of this means I am awake.  I wouldn’t exactly call it insomnia as I slept most of the weekend. My body is weird. I think I may have binge sleeping disorder, lol. I sleep loads then I go through a period where I only sleep 4 or 5 hours a night, then repeat.  It could be a bipolar thing, but I doubt it. I think it is an unemployed thing. I don’t HAVE to be up at a certain time so I am able to do whatever my body wishes. I do like to go to bed with the hubster though as nothing beats the 5 minutes or so of cuddles and conversation just before sleep.

Nothing is on the telly at this time of morning.  Though now it is nearly 20 past 5.  I really feel for deaf peeps. Seriously. WTH. Do the beings that be think deaf people only watch telly at insane hours or on the weekend?  I ask this because here in the UK they have a little person in the corner of the telly doing sign language sometimes. I find this highly distracting as I watch the sign language instead of the show….and I don’t know ANY British Sign Language and only know a little American Sign Language.  It did get me to thinking though, why the insane hours??? Surely deaf people would enjoy telly during normal non-vampire hours.  In my head, as I do, I thought “If I was in charge…” I would have a couple of channels dedicated to the deaf. All shows would have sign language.  There needs to be a deaf kids channel. Kids have it rough. What 2 year old can read closed captioning?!  But I digress….I am not in charge. boo hiss.

I’m a bad spoonie. I let my blue badge expire. I didn’t even notice….hubster noticed yesterday at the GP. Oops. Best be sending off the form and the cheque tomorrow.  That blue badge is gunna keep my ass out of jail this summer when I water my garden! Here in most of the UK there is a hosepipe ban, but in my area, blue badge holders are exempt. I can’t wait until my pretentious neighbours call the popo on my ass.  If I was really a cunt, I would turn around and do a citizens arrest on their ass, lol, but I am nice and will just show the popo my blue badge……when I get a new one of course 🙂

I am getting some prescriptions delivered today.  It’s funny, in the US everything is done via drive thru, here in the UK they are very big on home delivery.  I haven’t set foot in a grocery store in years as we do our shopping online and have it delivered.   The main drive thrus I miss and wish they had in the UK is Starbucks drive thru and drive up ATMs, lol.  A girls gotta have coffee and money!  Well….a girl who can drive, lol. I’m half way there! March 19, I took my UK driving theory test. Got 49/50 🙂 I was scared shitless as a girl I was waiting with was on her 10th time!!!!!  I’m really good at short term memorisation. If I know the question and know the exact answer I can cram. I did the same thing with the “Life in the UK” test. I crammed.  I couldn’t pass either test now if my life depended on it. As a dyslexic, I find actual learning really hard.   But with the way my mind works…..I find patterns in everything….I am able to study the questions and exact answers and pair the two in my mind somehow.  Multiple choice is my friend. Essay questions are a bloody nightmare!

I’m supposed to plant my plants out today. I want to at least get my courgettes (zuchinni), yellow summer squash and cucumbers out. Need to wait til the weekend when hubster builds more planters to get out my peppers and tomatos…..oh and my french beans.

Speaking of beans….I can see how the “Jack and the Beanstalk” story came about.  I sowed my beans 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks AFTER all my other veg. They are 3 or 4 times bigger than my courgettes!!! Scary little buggars!

I’m seriously rambling, lol. Guess I’m sleepy! Hope you all have a good day and find something to be “glad” for today.  Love me some Pollyanna!

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