GP Visit and Duodenal Switch

Well, just got back from the GP. It has now been 1.5 months since I was employed….and the verdict is, being unemployed is good for my health!!!!  I’m off of all my psych meds (bipolar here, hello:) ) and my blood pressure is the lowest it has been since my records began. 123/78. I’m not on meds for bp either….that’s a true blue reading. 🙂  So next time someone gives me shit for being fat, my first question to them is what their BP is, lol, cos mine is probably better 🙂

She also gave me loads…ok not loads, lol, but some more codeine 🙂 I love my GP. She is so encouraging. She was happy to hear that I was doing my best to do things in the garden and in the kitchen.  Which is probably why she gave me a bit more codeine to enable me to carry on trying to do things myself. yay for independence!

She is also so supportive about my weight. I am now 35 stone…I think…let me calculate as I weigh in pounds, lol. yes, just over 35 stone. I WAS 46 stone…so I am going in the right direction. 🙂 I had a weight loss procedure called a vertical sleeve gastrectomy Aug 16, 2010 and had lost 12 stone but now it is only just over 10 stone. grrrr. The surgery I had was never intended to get me anywhere near thin….oh no. You don’t get thin from a sleeve when you are 46 stone sadly.  However, it was the first half of a surgical procedure called the Duodenal Switch.  Thats the intestines bit and is much more severe cutting and rerouting than the popular gastric bypass or RNY as it is called.

Some may think that surgery is the “easy way out”. Let me try to break it down to you like this. Your house is on fire, your life very much in danger. You can see an open window, which if you jump from, may break bones, or even kill you….however the open window is the “easy way out” as the front door, which the way you are supposed to enter and exit a house is covered in flames and you will surely never ever get out and you will die from smoke inhalation. I guess what I am trying to say is, sometimes in life, you have to take the ONLY way out. At 46 stone, there was no way I was going to be able to make it the normal way. I could barely move. It was a sad state of affairs, with a lifelong history of super morbid obesity. (5 stone at 3 years old, 10 stone at 7 years old, 32 stone at 17 years old ect) It’s not like I hit my 20’s and gorged myself into oblivion…this….obesity…has been one of my crosses to bare even before everyone else in the western world got fat.

Whew. Sorry for the rant! Anyways! lol. My GP is always so supportive and reminds me that I am on the right track and things will slow down and even at times go backwards. She is so good to me! It was a total fluke that I found her last year as well. It was in short, a miracle….or at least a supernatural pairing.

So I had a GP. Typical grumpy Englishman. Hated fat people. Despised seeing me and he was always short tempered with me over ANYTHING. Well, one morning I had made an appointment with a random GP for prescription repeats, but I couldn’t remember who. Lucky for me, the GP Surgery (doctors office) computers were down.  She came out and asked me who I was there to see and I admitted I couldn’t remember.  So she took me in. By the end of my appointment with her I felt so great about life and I asked if she had openings for patients.  SHE DID!!! And she took me on! I feel kinda bad as I am a pain in the ass patient, lol, but seriously, it is really really hard to find a fantastic GP who still gives a flying fuck! ❤ her!

Anyhooo, she was asking when the second weight loss op was coming up and I had to tell her that it isn’t until Nov/Dec of this year :/ The NHS is wonderful and amazing compared to the system I came from in the US, but it is incredibly slow at times.  I think she is more excited about the op than I am, lol. To be honest, I am terrified. The duodenal switch is a very very serious operation that requires a lot…A LOT…of self care afterwards…and if there is something I am pretty shitty at…it is self care!  But….I do have a few months to work on it.  🙂 Besides, if this surgery can get me down to a bmi of 50, then I can get my lymphdema ridden belly hang chopped off…and when I get to a bmi of 40 I can get new hips and knees!  That’s how bad my shit is. Usually they don’t replace joints on young people because they wear out, but mine are already so bad there is no way around it. booo hiss.

So all in all. Today was a good day. 🙂 I am really feeling encouraged by my GPs support.  And I did end up getting that pork roast in the slow cooker. Stuck that sucker on high so it would cook in time and my house smells lush!  Probably not making it to aquafit tonight as my hubster is knackered! But I made him promise me we would go to the gym tomorrow night instead.  Load up on codeine and go spend some time on the recumbent bike they have. I will get into some sort of shape this summer if it kills me, lol.  I just want some stamina.  I have decided not to link my weight loss goals with my gym goals because I know that can cause all sorts of disappointment.  So I am going to the gym for mental health reasons and to gain some stamina.  I see lots of codeine in my future, lol.Image

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  1. hungertheory says:

    Hey I wanted to thank you for subbing to me, you are my first subscriber so spread the word if you like what you read! I am going to check out your blog as well 🙂


  2. J. Fabulous says:

    Thanks for following me! I had my VSG on Feb 16 2012. How many pounds is a stone?


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