It’s been a Long While…

Well let’s see… much has changed, yet nothing has changed! Isn’t that the way it always is?

I’m still on the list for the DS, as it is the NHS it can take years it seems like.  I am not 100% sure I want to go through with it.  In fact, I’m probably 45% sure I wanna do it.  I know, I know, I have this amazing chance and I’m just pissing on it. I can’t explain it. I look around at my mates who have had the DS and a lot of them are really are struggling with health issues.  I just don’t know if I can be bothered to be honest.  I’m disabled as it is and don’t need a whole slew of other health problems.

*sigh* I know there are those of you out there who have had the DS and wouldn’t change it for the world, but please remember this is an individual choice and it is my body I am thinking about chopping up.  I guess I am jut being chicken shit.

I dunno.  I’m still very fat, but even with the DS I will still be considered morbidly obese….so that’s an irrelevant argument really.  I’ve always been fat and more than likely will always be fat. And that’s mostly ok with me.

I haven’t decided against it, but every single day I weigh the pros and cons.  WLS isn’t for everyone and to be honest, the sleeve was a piece of piss and the worst part was being in the hospital. The DS is a whole new can of worms that I have to think about and take care of every day.  With the sleeve I can get away with missing my vitamins now and then, with the DS even missing one dose of the 4 r 5 a day is playing with danger. I dunno. Just a lot to think about…


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One Response to It’s been a Long While…

  1. Tette says:

    I hope you come to a conclusion which is best for you and for your health. DS is drastic but then again staying that weight isn’t going to be dancing on roses. Nobody says that we all should be skinny but what about having a life without major limitations, just be able to do whatever you feel like doing at the moment. Would’t that be a goal worth aiming for?
    Bottom line is that while you are young, you can keep a lot more weight on “easily” than when you’re older. The extra weight starts to take its toll: enter many medical promlems, diabetes and its complications, chronic leg ulcers, strokes etc..
    Is losing the weight “the hardest way” not an option? I’ve had tremendous continuous motivation in my own personal battle from Sean Anderson (he started from 505 lbs and is now 230-ish) aka “The daily diary of a winning loser” -blogspot blogger.
    Wishing you the best of luck in your battle whatever your decision may be!


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