On Da List yeah eee yeah!!!!

Life is good. 🙂 I am now on the waiting list for my duodenal switch.  It’s a scary surgery, especially at this size.  I am also gaining weight, which sucks. For every 1lb I “find” my self esteem plummets by 10 points!!!! I hate it.  I felt so good in the losing phase with my sleeve.  Every day I lost weight I felt like I was reborn.

Oh well, on to bigger and better things.  My goal is to lose the 20lbs I “found” and maintain whilst on the year long waiting list. SparkPeople helps me diet.  Can’t wait for my DS. Seriously.  And then to get to a bmi of 50 and get this excess tissue off that hangs to my knees!  I’m not vain and i don’t care if i ever get out of the morbidly obese category, but I want to be more mobile and functional. That may seem weird to a lot of people as most people I know, their goal is to be “normal”, “thin”, “slim” Whatever you call it.  I just want to be less fat.

Here in the UK I cannot even get clothes to fit me. I have to buy clothes in America and sneak them past customs because I am too fat for the fat girls shop.  I can’t wait until in can fit in those clothes. HELLO SHOPPING!!!!


*I will try to update more, but between SAD and work, I barely have time to breathe.

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2 Responses to On Da List yeah eee yeah!!!!

  1. Audacity says:

    Heya… how do I send you a message on youtube? Apparently you have to add me or something lol.


  2. Kristi says:

    Hi – ran across your blog. Just wondered if you were still on the waiting list for DS surgery or what your status is?


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