Off to see the Surgeon

Well, tomorrow is the big day….well, one of the big days this week.


I have an appointment monday with the apronectomy surgeon.  I’m nervous he is going to say I need to have a bmi under 30.  Which seems impossible right now as I have a bmi of 69. This apron is the bane of my existence.  Always in the way! One side hangs lower than the other and it is heart shaped. My under pants always get stuck in the cleavage part and it is extremely painful.  It also effects my mobility.  A lot of people exaggerate and say their stomach hangs to their knees, but for me it is a reality. When I am standing, my right side hangs to below my knee.  It makes walking very difficult as it bounces and creates a backwards motion, if that makes sense.


So yeah. I’m looking forward to getting this bad boy cut off!!!  On the other hand, I hate surgery, lol.  Always feel like I have been ran over by a lorry (semi).  I can’t wait though. Once it is off, I can fit behind the wheel of a car and then get my UK licence.  Hello FREEDOM! I have missed thee!  It sucks relying on my husband to take me everywhere. I would love some alone time. Although it isn’t very eco-friendly, when I am stressed, I love nothing more than a long drive by myself with some good tunes.  I haven’t had that outlet since I left the states.  I miss it.


Wish me luck for tomorrow! I am going to need it!!!!

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One Response to Off to see the Surgeon

  1. weistfamily says:

    Goooooood luck tomorrow!! I still think you should just camp there until they get you on the list. Haha!! Better yet, just make them do the DS next week.


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