Just over 1 Year Post VSG

Well, I made it! I lived through WLS at 620lbs (lost 20 preop) I’ve done well. For a super fatty like me, losing 34% of your body weight in a year is pretty damn massive!  I’m so proud of myself for being pro-active about my situation and doing something about it.

I saw my surgical team Aug 12 and I begged them to put me on the waiting list for the second half of the DS.  The wait list is a year long 😦  They said no. They want to make sure I have stopped losing as more weight loss would be GOOD as I still have a bmi of 69…down from 93, but still 69 is hella big…so I can see why they want to wait.  I was told I could have an appointment in 6 months and they would review the decision, but I gave him puppy dog eyes, and I have an appointment in 3 months.

I am hella low carbing it right now, trying to get my bmi down as I REALLY want to be switched….like NOW!!!


In other news…kinda related (to fat) but not really related (to WLS)

I have been approved for an apronectomy with a reputable surgeon on the NHS. They don’t do this for just anyone and I did have to fight the first NO, but we got there in the end.  I see my GP on Wednesday to get a referral to the surgeon now that I have funding.  He’s probably going to say I need to lose a bit more weight first, but it is incredibly hard to do any sort of exercise with a belly hanging to my knees (not over exaggerating at all!!!!)  Certain people are throwing fits and having cows because they can’t get approved for plastic surgery. I will say this one final time…an apronectomy is NOT PLASTIC SURGERY!!!! It’s an amputation of tissue…not skin, tissue. Punk ass bitches!!!

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