Back in the Day

When I graduated high school in 1996, I was 400lbs.  I felt great! I was active and cute. My weight never stopped me from doing anything.  I was happy and healthy. So in that I can understand the stance people take about being happy and healthy at over 400lbs.

However, that happiness and physical ability faded right around 580lbs.  Age didn’t help. As when I hit that weight I was over 30 years old.  It takes a toll.  My knees are shot. (mostly from being an active fatty)  When I was in high school I was on the track team and in school plays, nothing stopped me. I was friends with the popular people.  There was nothing wrong with my life at 400lbs which is why it angers me when people who are in the 400’s think they know what it is like to be super heavy and not able to move.

It’s quite like having a mole and claiming to identify with those who have had skin cancer.  It just doesn’t compare.  I’d love to be 400 lbs again. LOVE IT. I don’t know if it will ever happen, but I really wish people wouldn’t assume they know what it was like to be me at my highest weight. You can’t *know* unless you have been there.

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