Swept Under the Rug of Size Acceptance

I’m not even sure how to begin this rant. It is very close to my heart and very personal.

Here is my claim: Fat oppression is alive and well within the Size Acceptance community. Once a person gets to a certain weight, no matter their political leanings or associations, they become something to hide. Quite like the elephant in the room.  Hiding the supersized skeletons in the closet only proves there is something wrong with a lot of the current thinking; fatness is a lifestyle choice, not a medical condition or a problem to be dealt with.

I can actually step back and see both sides of this.  I have been so fat that I could barely move.  To become acceptable to the SA movement and the fatosphere I had to do the forbidden, which means I will never fully be accepted as an activist or advocate because I was tired of being swept under the rug and committed treason of sorts.  That’s right.  This fatty had a sleeve gastrectomy.  I had to.  Diets don’t work. I was 99% immobile and Health at Every Size might as well be called “Health at any Size below 350lbs”.  I mean the author herself starts out the book by stating she lost 30lbs, but in the footnotes we get the same ole “results not typical” which means, if you don’t lose weight, please don’t sue me!

I’m not going to go into the book in depth, but it is a book I own, and a method I tried before I had surgery.  The book teaches a great theory, which in practice could work if you are in the 200-350lbs range.  But we all know theories can be great, but the practice of such theories is another thing altogether.

When I had my surgery (the thing that now cuts me off from being a valid member of the SA movement) I was nearing 650lbs.  SEE! I heard you gasp!  And then you think “I’ll never let that happen to me” or “God, I hope I don’t get THAT big”.  In life, shit happens!  It could be you, and then what? Would you be sitting on the sofa on which you plant yourself everyday because you can’t do anything else, and think to yourself, “I’m healthy at this size”.  The answer is, probably not.  It’s hard on the heart to be that overweight and out of shape and it is damning to the soul of the owner of such a body.

Feeding into the isolation I felt in such a large body were the comments of “oh, yeah I like big girls, but there IS a limit”, “We don’t want to hear about the problems of fat people not being able to wipe their ass” ect.  It’s actually very common!  Fat people hate fatter people.  If you have ever seen a fat person and thought to yourself, or actually asked someone else, “I’m not THAT fat, am I?” Then you are guilty of this.

I realise that due to the media sending us constant messages that we must compete with each other based on how we look, that this sort of thought pattern can easily be justified to oneself.  It is not acceptable!  Just because you aren’t the person having to be cut out of their home by the fire crew, does not in any way, shape or form, make you a better fatty.  If you can still shop in stores like Lane Bryant and Torrid, whilst other must shop from catalogues and wear knit pants…IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER FATTY!!!

Size Acceptance needs to accept that there ARE health implications for some fat people, there ARE some people who cannot eat intuitively.  There are some people who must chose drastic measures to lose weight, just to be accepted by those who claim they don’t discriminate and then to be told we are not to be accepted because we chose to “butcher our bodies”. Well FUCK YOU!!!

Damned if you don’t. Damned if you do.  Life’s too short, live for yourself, by your own rules!

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