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Back in the Day

When I graduated high school in 1996, I was 400lbs.  I felt great! I was active and cute. My weight never stopped me from doing anything.  I was happy and healthy. So in that I can understand the stance people … Continue reading

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My Experience so far with Weight Loss Surgery (VSG)

Ok. This is just my experience. I have not had a band, nor a gastric bypass. I had the sleeve gastrectomy, which in short….is a removal of most of the stomach. The stomach works as normal, it is just smaller…and … Continue reading

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Swept Under the Rug of Size Acceptance

I’m not even sure how to begin this rant. It is very close to my heart and very personal. Here is my claim: Fat oppression is alive and well within the Size Acceptance community. Once a person gets to a … Continue reading

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