Post Op VSG

Well I did the deed and I am now the proud owner of a banana size and shape tummy:)  I had my op Aug 16th and obviously lived through it, lol.  I have lost just over 100lbs which has made all the difference in the world mobility wise.  I gained so much weight over the past year and a half thanks to severe bipolar depression.

Learning to eat again has been an experience, lol.  I don’t tolerate beef well or dry chicken breast, but me and chicken thighs are best mates:)

WLS is the second best thing I’ve ever done.  Marrying my husband is the first:)

I highly recommend the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy for anyone who wants to lose weight but doesn’t want a foreign body inside you or to reroute your intestines.  It is not reversible but it leaves you the most normal as the stomach functions as it always has, its just smaller:)

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