Pre Op Appointment

I’m nervous and scared, but mostly excited.  It is becoming so real.  Tomorrow is my pre op appointment for things like EKG, stress test, MSRA swab, weight check and things like that.  I’m so worried they will find something wrong and put my surgery back. I’ve waited for this for so long.

I do however, love travelling up to London.  I don’t get out of the house much so this is my chance to see the world. 🙂  I love the sights, the smells, everything….although I don’t think I will ever be able to drive in London, it’s just a giant game of chicken! The waiting for the appointment also sucks….but it will all be worth it.
I’m going to Kings College Hospital and they do not have an obesity unit.  They have one of the best surgeons in the UK, but they do not have an obesity unit. Thus they do not have fat people hospital gowns.  Luckily I am a genius and am taking a hippy style sun dress that should allow access…instead of lying there nekkid in all my fat glory, lol.
I can’t believe my date is coming up so fast! Yikes!
So whilst I was waiting to go on the list and dealing with bipolar depression (I got all the good gene-ha!) I put on some weight.  My heighest is 640lbs.  I’m back down to 590 now, but it still isn’t what my surgeon wants me at. It’s like I need WLS (weight loss surgery) to have WLS! It’s insane!  I am hoping I got off enough for him to be able to do it laproscopically. I don’t want a huge wound that could get infected.  Ever since my stint with cellulitis last year that nearly took my life, I am very paranoid about infections.  I actually bought 3 little things of Purell hand sanitiser to take to the hospital with me, lol.  Im going to be bathing in the stuff!
I’m so excited! I’m trying not to be too excited because obviously, I’m not going to wake up from surgery thin! lol.  But at the same time I feel like a new life is about to begin.  I have so many dreams and plans. I just hope the huge change doesn’t set off my stupid bipolar.  I almost forget I have it when Im well.  But I am on meds and have been mostly stable…the depression is always there in the shadows just waiting to take over. 😦

Oh yeah, liquid diets suck ass. That is all, lol

Well wish me luck for tomorrow!!!  Thanks! 🙂 (Im just assuming you rock enough to want me to succeed:))
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