WLS Update

I do have an update about WLS.  I saw my surgeon a week ago Friday.  I have a date for August if I can lose 35kg/77lbs by then.  I’ve already lost 5 kilos, so I am well on my way.  Don’t know if I will make it, but have got to try.  I’m doing low carb as that is the only way I get results.  Im a bit nervous, but not really scared.  The sleeve gastrectomy is a fairly straight forward and easy procedure.  It’s the second half when they redue my insides to a duodenal switch that I have to worry about.  A naive part of me thinks the sleeve will be enough.  I mean if I could just get down to 250lbs, my life would be brilliant and I would be able to do so much more.  I have heard experiences of people not losing much with a sleeve, but also know someone who was close to my size who has lost loads with a sleeve….so I just have to hope it works the same for me.

Oh yeah and I have been diagnosed as a type II diabetic now.  Low carb seems to be good for my blood sugar as well…so it’s a win-win situation I suppose.

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