Long Time Gone

Life has been pretty good for me.  Trying to figure out things.  I’ve been on like 8 diets since the beginning of 2010 and I have finally said fuck dieting.  It doesn’t work anyhow.  Instead I am using hypnotherapy by Paul McKenna who helps you understand intuitive eating.  I am combining his stuff with Health at Every Size and there you have it.  I’m just eating what I actually want, when I want it, but I’m only eating enough to be satisfied.  For the first time in….ever…I am leaving stuff on my plate and throwing things away.  It’s weird, but kinda cool.

I have also made some decisions about WLS.  I am only going to do the first half of the DS.  I’m going to just have the sleeve gastrectomy and see where that takes me.  I will be perfectly happy as a 350lbs person…so the ida of thinness doesn’t motivate me.  And the more I think about it….the more I love my intestines as they are!  It makes me happier to just think of myself with a small stomach.  It also makes me happier to know I won’t have to deal with being thin (something I have never ever been).  So instead I am getting comfortably with the idea of losing 50% of my body weight and staying there.  Plus my hubby with still have something to play with 😉  Gotta love having an FA as a partner.

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