Nearly Dying

I’m not even sure where to start.

Let’s start with the sock.  I was putting on a sock, my hand slipped and I punctured my leg with my thumbnail.  I tried to tough it out…after all it was just a flesh wound!  Within 24 hours I had full blown cellulitis. It was so painful that I could not walk.  I was bed bound with it.  By the time I was admitted to hospital with a pulmonary embolism because of being immobile for 4 days, the cellulitis went from my toes to mid thigh….and was blistered. 😦

So I spend 24 hours in ICU on oxygen.  Then I spend another 2 weeks and a couple of days on the ward.  It was a terrifying experience.  I was coughing up blood, my oxygen levels kept dropping, my blood pressure was really low….it was really scary.  All because I tried to put on a sock.  I have played it over and over in my head and if only I hadn’t put on socks, or that pair of socks, I wouldn’t have almost died.

Being so close to death was lonely.  I realised I have no faith in anything.  I prayed a little but it offered no comfort.  I just kept thinking I was going to die alone in an NHS hospital thousands of miles away from everyone I love. 😦  There is so much more to tell, but I like to just forget it.  It was pretty traumatic and included reporting a nurse for her sizeist attitude.

I was discharged from the hospital in time for my appointment with the WLS surgeon in London.  However, because of my blood clot (which they couldn’t confirm because the machine only fits normal sized people) I have to have more tests before I will be given a yes.  So because I put on that damn sock, my WLS has been delayed by at least 3 months, if not more.  Better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

I haven’t received the appointment for the blood man, but I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon.  Hope my appointment with the blood man comes soon as we will have nothing new to discuss at my next appointment with surgeon.

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