The Aftermath

After the fiasco that was the visit I had at L&D, I went and saw a different GP and explained my concerns, which he completely agreed that I should NOT have went with a surgeon that has not operated on larger than BMI 64 and claims the DS is a simple procedure!

I had emailed my MP (English Member of Parliament, like a Congress person for all you yanks:)) and explained what was happening to me. He emailed back and said a GP should be able to refer me. I told the GP this and he agreed to do it. He did take my letter of funding, which worrys me, that was my baby!! But if it gets me on the surgery table then so be it!

I have to have a 2 stage procedure (because of high risk BMI) so the faster we get the sleeve bit done and get me losing, then I can have my full DS. I’m very excited and hopeful that this GP will get me where I need to be!

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