My First WLS Consult

ok so, I have been fighting for WLS for over a year now. At first I wanted the band and then the RNY with Shaw Somers as he works with high BMIs and come on, he’s pretty fit;)  But after looking further into my options, I have decided a DS would suit me.  I would like to have Mr Ameet Patel operate on me as he does have experience with the super obese.

However, I live in West Berkshire, the worlds most backwards PCT area. Patient Choice…WHAT’S THAT?!?! haha.  So after seeing an Endocrinologist, I was refered to Luton and Dunstable “Obesity Centre of Excellence” (Excellence MY ASS!)

Here are a couple of posts I have my since my appointment yesterday. (Trying to bring all of my scattered blogs into one)

Part of it went good. I found out I can have the DS and that I do have a choice of surgeon.

The bad bits were: the surgeon I saw today has only operated on bmi of 64 or less and mine is recorded at 83. Also, he has never done a duodenal switch before because he has “never had the opportunity” but that it is an “easy procedure” which it bloody well IS NOT!!! I told him no thank you that I was not comfortable being his highest risk patient and him doing a something he has never done before. He got pissy. Reallll pissy. He said he is releasing me back to my GP and is going to state that I refused treatmentWhich is surgeon talk for “I am going to try to fuck things up for you”.I have already written to the PCT and mailed it explaing WHY I did not want him to operate on me. Next, I am writing to my MP to tell about the shit treatment I am getting and having to go around the houses when I should be a priority patient! Someone in my same PCT area with a bmi of 51 was seen by the Endo after me and already has a referral to the surgeon I want. So not fair!!!

So yeah. I’m feeling down. I feel like I am going to be dead before I get a date.

Well….I have been avoiding posting here because I am sick with worry.My appointment did not go well. I was told I could have a DS, but the was the only good that came out of the appointment.

The surgeon’s biggest patient had a bmi of 64, nearly 20 points below mine. (Mine is of 83 he advised me)

AND! He had never done a DS before because he had “never had the chance” but he assured me it was a “simple operation”.

I explained that I was not comfortable with being his largest BMI patient at which point he got very pissy and defensive.

He stated he was going to refer me back to my GP and that he could not refer me on to another surgeon because he was “willing to give me a DS”. He also stated in the letter to my GP he is going to state that I “refused” and his arrogance tells me he will not include my resonings for “refusing”.

I feel so sick.

I am going through this for a new life, not to be someone’s Guinea pig!!!! I wouldn’t feel so bad it he had operated on someone with a bmi in the 70′s and had at least done 1 DS before.

I wrote a letter to my PCT after the appointment yesterday and mailed it. I explained my side of things in a P.C. and calm manner. Then last night I wrote an anrgy, depserate letter to my MP and emailed it to him. I have also made an appointment with a GP, a different GP as you lot have been telling me to change GPs from the get go, but I kept giving him chances. Well I am done. I need someone who is going to listen to me, my concerns and my desires.

GGGrrrrrrr. I’m basically where I was a year ago, except I have funding. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

OH! And let me tell you about Luton and Dunstable’s “Centre of Excellence” HA! Excellent AT WHAT exactly?Ok so they send you a map with your letter. A map that does not indicate in any which way where you should be going. We arrive at the hospital where there is NO blue badge parking…fine, my hubby dropped me off at the front door as we had no idea where we were going. Hubby went and parked.

We went inside to look at the directory to see where we needed to be. NO WHERE is this “Centre of Excellence” listed. They didn’t even have an Obesity Clinic listed. So we asked the nice gentleman (the only good thing about L&D) where we should be going. He instructed we would need to walk down the cooridor, go outside, walk down the street and we would see it.

The buiding is called Personel. Makes sense….right? NOT!!!!!

So I CLIMB THE STAIRS (admittedly only a few, but this is supposed to be an EXCELLENT treatment centre for OBEISTY…hellooo….FAT PEOPLE!!!)

So after I climb the stairs, I encounterd doors that are half the size as normal. They were double doors, but the other side was latched shut. As a centre of “Excellence” don’t you think they would leave the doors open so their fat patients could fit through them???????? I had to squeeze past 2 of those sets of doors.

I go to check in with the secritary and instead of greeting me with a hello, she said “oh, you are the 1:30, you are early, go have a coffee”

Have a coffee WHERE?????? So you mean it isn’t obvious that I am out of breath from walking miles to get here. My legs and back are killing me. There is a reason I have a blue badge!!!!!

So yeah. After I have my surgery and do not have the fear of being blacklisted, I am going to explain every pain stakingly point of why L&D is NOT a “Centre of Excellence” They may be on paper as they have all of the required staff to claim such a thing….but they know NOTHING of excellence. NOTHING!

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