In weight related news.  My husband and I had a serious talk last night.  He has agreed to let me seek out weight loss surgery IF I can get down to 490.  We discussed the lapband  mostly but the bypass is still an option in my mind.  And yes I know ALL of the risks.  I have done loads of research papers whilst I was in university arguing against WLS….but there comes a point…a breaking point, where the benifits out weigh the risks.  And if I can get below 500 the risk of dying will go down.  I am nervous because I’ve only gotten down to 490 once in my life….so it is going to be a struggle, but at the same time, I have something I am working towards.  For WLS people generally have to lose weight before hand to prove they can do the post surgery diet because WLS is not a way to lose weight, it is a tool to aid your diet to lose weight.  I need to feel full and satisfied.  I need to feel ill when I eat sugary stuff.  I need that.  I know not everyone agrees with it.  Hell, I’m still conflicted because as a political stance WLS is evil, but as someone who has been over 500lbs since she was 20…..I feel differently.  I want to be able to walk without knee pain and back pain and hip pain.  I want to be able to live a normal life.  It is my decision and who knows, I might just go for the lap band because it feels less invasive.

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